A Family Takes Planning

A family doesn’t just happen, it takes planning. Raising a family on Mackinac Island is not always easy so we are putting together a resource for you so you can maximize your time living on the island and create a better future for your family.

Mother Sight Seeing with her son

Your family matters most

If you would like to discuss your options with family planning or are expecting a new addition to the household, the County Health Department in St. Ignace is the closest and best facility around. Here you can get a qualified pregnancy test, speak to qualified professionals about your interests or concerns, and learn what to expect. Being prepared will save you the headache in the future.

LMAS District Health Department
749 Homback Street
St. Ignace, MI 49781
(906) 643-1100

Ferry to St. Ignace

The only transportation you will need is a ferry ride to St. Ignace. The shuttles will take you the rest of the way. Make it an early morning and schedule your trip to make the best use of your time while off the island.

You are in control and you are ready!

For further questions feel free to contact us any time. Another great resource is the 211 phone number. Dial 211 and get all kinds of information on your local community and how you can be a part, grow and improve your wellbeing.

While you are in town make sure to stock up on groceries and the essentials. Goods are much more affordable off island and any time you take a trip is always a great time to pick up extra food and supplies.

The shuttle services include:

Mackinaw Shuttle
Great Straits Ride
EMGO Ride Service